About G.Decorative Contracting Line

Who we are

Ste.G.Decorative Contracting Line is a registered company in Lebanon operating as specialized contractor and trader for painting materials, decorative works and civil engineering works.

Our Strategy

A clearly defined strategy guides G.Decorative Contracting Line daily actions. Called Circle the Customer, it means adding new products and new techniques. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help customers achieve better paintings works and new designs in home decoration.

Our Customers

The company that fails its customers fails! We will be superior to our competitors in providing the highest value to our customers at a fair price. We will stay close to our customers, tell them the truth and earn their business every day. Superior service built this company. Superior service will continue to be our central policy and philosophy.

Our Culture

Our culture composed of six universal values: Spirit, Pride, Determination, Commitment, Passion and Integrity. These are much more than words. These values inspire the way we serve our customers . We not only provide them with the absolute best products and new decorating technique, but we listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs, and earn their business every day.

Our Mission

Our business is to be a leading innovator, developer and marketer of worldwide services, products, which provide superior value to our customers in meeting their needs, while conserving resources and preserving the quality of the environment.

Our society

We recognize the importance of service to society and we contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. Our company’s business is conducted in accordance with the law and stated corporate and societal standards of conduct.

This statement is an expression of our mission and values, the achievement of which is an ongoing challenge and a never-ending process. It requires us to respond effectively to an ever changing environment.