G.Decorative Contracting Line Services & Departments

The company with its staff of managers, architect, engineers, supervisors and applicators, is capable of providing multi-disciplinary services in decoration and civil engineering works.

Decoration Department

The feature of this department is that it has full expertise in all kind of decorative works like restoration , special painting effects, trompe l’oeil, specialised in painting systems and external coating, faux marble, Patine, gypsum, false gypsum, etc...

Civil engineering department

This department is specialized in all kind of building construction (interior and exterior walls), carpentry, electrical works, sanitary, tiling and souring

Technical Department

This department deals with the trading and the application of various painting materials and specialized products such as:

  • Waterproofing
  • External coating
  • Interior & exterior painting
  • Reparation and Restoration burned building

Commercial Department

This department handles the following Products / brands

  • Luxury (painting, coating and decorative, Lebanon.)
  • Spiver (painting, Italy)
  • Arthe Decorative Line (Decorative paints, Italy)
  • Crown (painting, England)
  • Brolac (painting, England)
  • Toupret (coating and decorating material, France)
  • Tinol (painting and coating, Lebanon)
  • Zinsser (Bathroom wall & ceilling paint, USA)