Uncle Milton's Toys | Explore It!™

With the incredible Uncle Milton Explore It Solar System in my Room you can explore the wonders of the universe from the comfort of your own bedroom! This amazing Remote Controlled, motorised mobile has eight detailed planets that actually orbit the sun. The sun also lights up and casts its glow on the detailed coloured planets. The sun can also be used as a night light making it perfect for bedtime as the auto-shut off mechanism will automatically turn the sun off after 15 minutes. Listen to the included Audio CD to enjoy a fascinating tour of our solar system whilst watching the mobile in action. The audio CD includes fascinating facts about each planet. Each mobile kit includes eight full colour detailed planets, remote control and the 15 minute audio CD. The mobile can be fitted very simply to a ceiling using the enclosed hardware, and as it is battery operated so there is no need to worry about connecting to the mains!

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